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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where have we been?

That is a good question. Who would have thought that having a blog about American Girls would be so hard! :) lol well, we won't be posting on here much anymore. Because well, I have 4 other blogs, and Cori has 1, and Abby has 2. And I'm still into American Girls, but running 5 blogs all at the same time? I have to let some go. And I am not saying I will stop posting on here for good. But it won't be like I post on my main blog. And I post plenty about American Girls there. So, we are going to let this go, unless the other girls want to continue. Which I would be fine with ether way. Thank you all for following. It means a lot. If we decide to stop this blog, we will not be deleting it. It will be fun to come back every so often to remember the adventures (adventure) that our dolls went on. Until next time, ~Sammy

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